Incredible Edible Penticton is a local non-profit society supporting the people of Penticton to grow free food for their community.

Our vision is to support our community by providing everyone access to locally grown food. Free Food For All!

Incredible Edible Penticton aims to help reconnect people to their land/ soil/ resources and food. It aims to make it easier for people to have access to local food, knowledge, skills, and tools to increase awareness about growing your own food; to develop practical local ways forward to reduce food waste and hunger, and help solve the challenges of food security in our community..

We’re a community group made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life who have come together to help with Penticton food security and provide a sustainable future. We love our little town and we want to help to make it an even better place to live – now and for future generations. We love providing fresh local food to anyone who wants to come into the garden and enjoy it. We’d love you to get involved!

We manage one growing space in Penticton, at Village By The Station, we also help schools to grow gardens and lead garden tours for local community groups. We are an entirely volunteer-led non-profit group that works in partnership with many local organizations and businesses.

Come by the garden and chat with the volunteers and board members, or grab some fresh free food!